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Multilevel Feedback-Queue Scheduling

Multilevel Feedback-Queue Scheduling - interactive...

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Multilevel Feedback-Queue Scheduling Problem : If you have processes of higher priority, low priority processes will never run. Solution : Use Process Aging: The longer a process stays in a queue, the priority is artificially increased. The process will be scheduled at some point. After that, the priority is reset to the initial priority. Also, the scheduler benefits
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Unformatted text preview: interactive processes by increasing their priority if the CPU burst time is small. The smaller the CPU burst estimate, the higher the priority. The larger the CPU burst estimate the lower priority. Multilevel Feedback-Queue Scheduling P1 P6 P7 P2 P5 P8 Priority 10 9 P3 P4 P9 8 P10 P11 P12 7 Small CPU Burst. Increas e priority Large CPU Burst. Decreas e priority...
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Multilevel Feedback-Queue Scheduling - interactive...

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