notes3 - 1/25/2005 1/27/2005-----------...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/25/2005 1/27/2005----------- 1/25/2005----------- Grid: A collection of inexpensive computers across the internet.- People donate idle time of their computers to be used in the grid.- Example: SETI@home (Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence) + You can download a program that will analyze radio telescope data looking for "intelligent" patterns. Distributed Systems: Applications that span multiple hosts.- Examples: + World Wide Web + NFS - network file system + Java RMI - Remote method invocation + Sun RPC - Remote procedure call- Advantages: + Resource Sharing + Computer speed up + Reliability + Communication among users & computers. NFS -- Distribution system that provides remote file access to storage that is not local, but in a remote machine.- Home directories usually located in NFS server (like "champion"). + try: csh> df -k // Lists all file systems and locations csh> df -k ~ // Tells you location of you home directory.- Examples: + NFS + SMB = "samba" (windows) Real Time Systems -- Used when there is a real time requirement in the operation. + Hard Real Time Systems: Critical tasks should be completed on time. + Soft Real Time Systems: Critical tasks get highest priority until completed....
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notes3 - 1/25/2005 1/27/2005-----------...

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