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Name : _________________________ Student Number : __________________________ Tutorial Number : __________________________ Tutor’s Name : __________________________ School of Accounting ACCT 1511: Accounting and Financial Management 1B Session 2, 2007 Mid-Session Examination Wednesday, 12 th September 2007 QUESTION PAPER Time Allowed: 90 minutes This Paper is worth 25% of your final composite mark. Please fill in your details above. You MUST indicate your tutorial number and the tutor’s name (see the last page for tutorial number, times and tutor’s name). There will be a 5% penalty administered to students who do not fill in correct details. Question 1 (50 marks): Preparation of cash flow statement (direct and indirect) Question 2 ( 20 marks): E ffects of transactions on company accounts and ratios NOT RELEVANT IN S2 2008 All answers are to be written in the spaces provided in the Answer Booklet. Any writing not in the provided spaces will NOT be marked. This Paper may NOT be retained at the end of the exam.
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Question 1 (50 marks) An Income Statement and a comparative Balance Sheet for Darby Ltd. are as follows: Darby Ltd. Comparative Balance Sheet As at 30 June 2006 and 2005 2006 2005 Cash $ 229,000 $ 66,000 Accounts receivable 145,000 128,000 Allowance for doubtful debts
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2007%20S2%20MS%20Question - Name : _ _ _ _ Student Number :...

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