Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - How Can Voles Be Useful ± Prairie Voles ±...

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Biological Processes PSY 12000: Fall 2011 Purdue University Eric D. Wesselmann, Ph.D. 2 Overview ± Brain Structure and Neuroscience ± Physiology and Psychology overlap ± Neurotransmitters and Mental Health 3 Guest Speaker Ashley Martin Department of Psychological Sciences Purdue University Example: Using Animal Models ± Study several behaviors in the prairie voles related to depression and other mood disorders. ± Study the effects of social situations on brain cells and the Central Nervous System. ± Analyze hormones and chemicals associated with stress, behavior, emotion, and cardiovascular function. 5 Prairie Voles (Microtus ochrogaster)
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Unformatted text preview: How Can Voles Be Useful? ± Prairie Voles: ± Form social bonds ± Most mate monogamously ± Show sensitivity to social stressors ± Chronic stress manipulation: 4 weeks of isolation from mate ± Can do various surgical procedures we cant do on human subjects 6 How Do Voles Respond to Chronic Stressors? ± Increased resting heart rate; exaggerated cardiac response to acute stress ± Increased corticosterone (akin to cortisol) ± Behaviors that mimic depression in humans ± Anhedonia ± Learned helplessness ± Behaviors that mimic anxiety ± Oxytocin reduces these effects 7...
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Lecture 4 - How Can Voles Be Useful ± Prairie Voles ±...

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