Lecture 18 - Overview Motivation Basic Terminology...

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Motivation PSY 120000 Elementary Psychology Dr. Eric D. Wesselmann 1 Overview ± Motivation ± Basic Terminology ± Theories of motivation ± Meeting Biological Needs ± 2 Instincts ± Unlearned characteristic patterns of responding controlled by specific triggering stimuli. ± Rigid definition (“If A then B… no exceptions”) ± Widely accepted that non-human species have instincts, but humans? ± Humans are not as inflexible: Instincts vs. Drives 3 Drives ± Psychological states that arise in response to internal physiological needs ± Homeostasis: Process through which body maintains a steady state ± Maintaining a constant internal temperature ± Reducing drives is helpful to restoring homeostasis 4
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Incentive [Extrinsic] Motivation ± External factors that exert “pulling” effects on our actions ± e.g., good grades motivate you to study ± Can be positive or negative external factors ² e.g., avoiding punishment 5 Achievement Motivation ± Internal drive or need for achievement. ± Possessed by all individuals to some degree
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Lecture 18 - Overview Motivation Basic Terminology...

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