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Lecture 22 - Measured Music Preference ± E.g...

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98 Personality and Experiencing Music Audio perception experiments suggest: Music can cause chills and other physiological reactions People report cognitively experiencing these reactions Extreme variability in who experiences chills AND how often Personality psychologists see this as opportunity Nusbaum & Silvia, 2011, SPPS 99 Personality and Experiencing Music Openness to Experience is the primary factor related to: Music preference Experience/exposure to music Hyp: Openness will predict self-reported chills Exposure/experience (rather than preference) will be the mechanism Nusbaum & Silvia, 2011, SPPS 100 Personality and Experiencing Music Measured the Big Five Inventory
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Unformatted text preview: Measured Music Preference ± E.g., reflective & complex; intense & rebellious Measured Exposure/experience ± E.g., play instrument; hours spent listening Nusbaum & Silvia, 2011, SPPS 101 Predictor variable Criterion variable Mediator 102 Personality and Experiencing Music Nusbaum & Silvia, 2011, SPPS 103 Personality and Experiencing Music Openness correlated with chills: r = .34 Mediators [mechanisms] ± Play instrument ± Hours spent listening ± Importance of music ± Concert attendance ± Number of classes taken in music ± Expertise in the arts Nusbaum & Silvia, 2011, SPPS These were statistically significant...
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