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Lecture 32 - Mental Illness Stigma Stigma"Distinguishing...

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Mental Illness Stigma ¾ Stigma z “Distinguishing condition” (category) z Discrediting/marginalizing z Discrimination and avoidance by society ¾ Mental illness stigma z Incompetent z Unattractive z Responsible z Unpredictable & dangerous 27 Complex Reactions to Stigma ¾ Our reactions to people are often ambivalent (Katz, 1981) ¾ Dual Processes of Reactions to Stigma (Pryor, et al, 2004) ¾ Attributions require thought, but impressions can begin immediately 28 Effects of Our Attributions Likes comedies 29 Pryor, Reeder, Yeadon, & Hesson-McInnis, 2004 Effects of Our Attributions Mentally Ill 30 Pryor, Reeder, Yeadon, & Hesson-McInnis, 2004
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Effects of Attributions on Stigma ¾ Our immediate reactions to stigmatized people is negative; one of aversion and disgust ¾ When making attributions over time… z Controllability is ambiguous or uncontrollable, we adjust our reactions in an effort to control prejudice z When stigma is controllable, we continue to avoid and devalue them 31 Reactions to Stigma ¾ Motivation and ability
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