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Chapter 3 – Financial Analysis Tools 1. Project ____ includes identifying project tasks and estimating completion time and costs. A. planning B. scheduling C. monitoring and controlling D. reporting 2. An event, or ____, is a recognizable reference point that can be used to monitor progress and manage the project. A. plan B. habit C. milestone D. task 3. ____ is a concept based on the observations of an IBM engineer who noticed that adding manpower to a late software project only made it later. A. Project creep B. Brooks' Law C. Work breakdown structure D. Worst-case estimate 4. PERT stands for ____ Evaluation Review Technique. A. Program B. Path C. Project D. Peer 5. PERT/CPM is considered to be a ____ technique. A. side-to-side B. parallel task C.
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Unformatted text preview: bottom-up D. top-down 6. With PERT/CPM, the ____ is the amount of time it will take to complete a task. A. assignment B. pattern C. length D. duration 7. A ____ path is a series of tasks which, if delayed, would affect the final completion date of the overall project. A. slack B. structured C. critical D. dependent 8. A(n) ____ is an event that could affect the project negatively. A. opportunity B. milestone C. problem D. risk 9. Risk ____ lists each risk and assesses the likelihood that it could affect the project. A. response B. management C. identification D. analysis 10.A free project management software program is ____. A. Project Now B. Java Project C. Open Project D. Open Workbench...
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