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Chapter_04-KEY0 - A closed-ended B open-ended C leading D...

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Chapter 4 – Requirements Modeling 1. ____ are the necessary data that enters the system. A. Inputs B. Outputs C. Processes D. Controls 2. ____ are the logical rules that transform data into meaningful information. 3. ____ skills are used to communicate and interact effectively with other people. A. Acting B. Interpersonal C. Interactive D. Analytical 4. Another term for a functional decomposition diagram is a ____ chart. 5. A planned meeting where you obtain information from another person is a(n) ____. 6. A question where the answer is unstructured is considered to be a(n) ____ question.
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Unformatted text preview: A. closed-ended B. open-ended C. leading D. range-of-response 7. The Hawthorne effect shows that productivity improves when work is ____. A. observed B. systematized C. documented D. turned off and then on again 8. Observing a system in use at another location is called a(n) ____. A. operational visit B. system visit C. site visit D. technical visit 9. Brainstorming where each person speaks when it is their turn is considered to be ____ brainstorming. A. unstructured B. structured C. stratified D. systematic 10.Microsoft Outlook is considered to be a ____. A. PIM B. PMI C. PDA D. DPA...
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