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1. A specially formatted digital audio file that can be downloaded and played on portable MP3 players is called a ____. A. podcast B. music log C. voice file D. song report 2. A(n) ____ report displays only records that meet a specific condition. A. summary B. exception C. detail D. control 3. A network terminal that limits printing and copying of data is a ____ workstation. A. mock-up B. read-only C. diskless D. user-centered 4. A ____ control allows a user to select a date that the system will use as a field value. A. subscription B. month C. date D. calendar 5. ____ focuses on how an interface can be made attractive.
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Unformatted text preview: A. Aesthetics B. Ergonomics C. Usability D. GIGO 6. Another term for option button is ____ button. A. list B. dialog C. radio D. check box 7. The main part of a form is the ____ zone. A. signature B. body C. HTML D. control 8. When a validation check uses only a minimum or a maximum value it is a ____ check. A. limit B. range C. existence D. data type 9. ____ is the process of manually entering data into a system. A. Data checking B. Data coding C. Data capture D. Data entry 10.____ control includes measures used to ensure that the input is correct, complete, and secure. A. Retention B. Output C. Input D. Security...
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