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Chapter 9 – Data Design 1. A ____ file stores relatively permanent data about an entity. A. master B. table C. history D. security 2. A ____ file contains reference data used by the information system. A. master B. table C. history D. security 3. A ____ is the complete definition of a database. A. data structure B. master file C. protocol D. schema 4. The Web server and Web pages together make a(n) ____. A. HTML file B. database C. Web site D. schema 5. Another term for binary digits is ____. A. bytes B. bits C. fields D. keys 6. A table design that contains a repeating group is ____.
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Unformatted text preview: A. unnormalized B. normalized C. unidentified D. identified 7. A(n) ____ entity is an event that links the two entities of an M:N relationship. A. candidate B. primary C. associative D. abbreviated 8. ____ codes use a keyword to encode a number. A. Action B. Cipher C. Sequence D. Abbreviation 9. Data ____ is another term for field. A. element B. method C. state D. property 10.A(n) ____ date is the total number of days from a specific date. A. buffer B. static C. input D. absolute...
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