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Chapter05SA - another 6 If a process has input but produces...

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Name ____________________________ Date ___________________ Chapter 5 – Short Answer Instructions: Fill in the best answer. 1. A(n) _____ shows what the system must do. 2. A(n) _____ describes how the system will be constructed. 3. A(n) _____ receives input data and produces output that is different. 4. Processes contain the _____, also called the business rules. 5. A(n) _____ is a path for data to move from one part of the information system to
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Unformatted text preview: another. 6. If a process has input, but produces no output, it is considered a(n) _____. 7. DFD entities are also called _____, because they are data origins or final destinations. 8. An entity that supplies data to the system is a(n) _____. 9. An entity that receives data from the system is a(n) _____. 10. A top-level view of an information system that shows the system’s boundaries and scope is a(n)_____....
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