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Name _________________________ Date ___________ Chapter 5 – True/False Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. T F 1. Volume and frequency describes the expected number of occurrences for the data flow per unit of time. T F 2. You must document every DFD data store in the data dictionary. T F 3. Modular design is based on combinations of three informal structures. T F 4. The structures of modular design are sequence, selection, and
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Unformatted text preview: iteration. T F 5. Iteration is also called looping. T F 6. Standard English is a subset of Structured English. T F 7. Pseudocode is a more detailed version of the actual code. T F 8. A decision table shows all possible combinations of conditions and resulting actions. T F 9. Decision trees and decision tables provide the same results. T F 10. Structured analysis develops a physical model during the systems analysis phase....
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