Chapter07MC - c horizontal application d vertical...

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Name ____________________________ Date ___________________ Chapter 7 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the best answer. 1. ____ is a Microsoft Web-based development environment. a. .NET b. Java c. HTML d. WebSphere 2. The layers between Web-based software and a legacy system are called ____. a. horizontal software b. vertical software c. middleware d. transaction-ware 3. Transferring systems development to an outside firm is considered to be ____. a. computing b. outsourcing c. buying d. selling 4. A ____ model of pricing is when a set fee is paid for a level of service and support. a. subscription b. fixed fee
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c. managed d. value 5. Software that is built for a specific industry is considered to be a(n) ____. a. outsourced application b. in-house application
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Unformatted text preview: c. horizontal application d. vertical application 6. A(n) ____ is a value that a user enters whenever a query runs. a. parameter b. method c. message d. attribute 7. If something is programmed into the system, it is said to be ____. a. a benchmark b. soft-coded c. hard-coded d. a prototype 8. A ____ is a forum that could cover any imaginable topic. a. newscast b. newsgroup c. topic group d. podcast 9. A ____ value is one that the system displays automatically. a. default b. hard-coded c. boundary d. logical 10. ____ produces a full-featured, working model of a system. a. Loose coupling b. Fourth-generation modeling c. System prototyping d. Web servicing...
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Chapter07MC - c horizontal application d vertical...

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