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Name _________________________ Date ___________ Chapter 7 – True/False Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. T F 1. IBM’s .Net was specifically designed to support e-business applications. T F 2. Outsourcing is the transfer of information systems development, operation, or maintenance to an outside firm that provides these services for a fee. T F 3. A software package that can be used by many different types of organizations is called a vertical application. T F 4. A fixed fee model uses a set fee based on a specified level of service and user support.
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Unformatted text preview: T F 5. Companies that develop software for sale are called software resellers. T F 6. A benchmark measures the time a package takes to process a certain number of transactions. T F 7. A user interface includes screens, commands, and controls that enable the user to interact with the application. T F 8. Nearly 80% of total costs occur before the purchase of the hardware and software. T F 9. In most large companies, a help desk is responsible for providing user support. T F 10. Loose coupling means that objects cannot interact, but are essentially dependent....
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