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Name ____________________________ Date ___________________ Chapter 9 – Short Answer Instructions: Fill in the best answer. 1. A(n) ____ is a framework for storing data in an information system. 2. A(n) ____ stores and manages data in one or more separate files. 3. A(n) ____ is the person who manages a DBMS. 4. A Web ____ is an application that enables a user to navigate the Internet.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Data transmission standards are also referred to as ____. 6. Each object in an OODB has a unique ____. 7. ____ codes indicate an action to take. 8. A table that does NOT contain a repeating group is in ____. 9. If the value of field X depends on the value of field Y, it is said to be ____ dependent. 10. Any key that can serve as the primary key is a(n) ____ key....
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