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Chapter11MC - a release plan b user story c patch d test...

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Name ____________________________ Date ___________________ Chapter 11 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the best answer. 1. A ____ shows data that one module passes to another. a. data couple b. library module c. control module d. data pilot 2. The process of breaking a system into modules is called ____. a. cohesion b. partitioning c. desk checking d. pseudocode 3. A(n) ____ approach proceeds from a general design to a detailed structure. a. iteration b. peer-to-peer c. top-down d. bottom-up 4. A(n) ____ indicates that one or more modules are repeated. a. status flag b. parallel indicator
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c. iteration d. loop 5. Modules that are considered to be independent are ____ coupled. a. loosely b. tightly c. casually d. seriously 6. A short, simple requirements definition is referred to as a _____.
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Unformatted text preview: a. release plan b. user story c. patch d. test environment 7. To review the interface of the system with the actual users, companies perform a(n) ____. a. code review b. iteration planning meeting c. design walkthrough d. desk check 8. Syntax errors refer to ____ errors. a. input b. data c. logic d. language grammar 9. When ____ testing is performed, the programmer simulates each program outcome and displays a message to indicate if the program executed successfully. a. stub b. desk c. parallel d. unit 10. A ____ is a web-based audio broadcast. a. tutorial b. podcast c. help system d. flowchart...
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Chapter11MC - a release plan b user story c patch d test...

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