Chapter12MC - the effect on other elements. a. What-if b....

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Name ____________________________ Date ___________________ Chapter 12 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the best answer. 1. A ____ is a centralized resource staffed by IT professionals who provide users with the support they need to do their jobs. a. data desk b. library desk c. control desk d. help desk 2. ____ maintenance adds enhancements to an operational system and makes the system easier to use. a. Corrective b. Adaptive c. Perfective d. Preventive 3. ____ management is a process of controlling changes in system requirements during software development. a. Iteration b. Project c. Configuration d. Critical
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4. The task of ____ includes monitoring the system for signs of trouble, logging all system failures, diagnosing the problem, and applying corrective action. a. performance management b. fault management c. risk management d. maintenance management 5. ____ analysis allows you to vary one or more elements in a model in order to measure
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Unformatted text preview: the effect on other elements. a. What-if b. What-else c. What-now d. What-next 6. The ____ method of risk control eliminates the risk by adding protective safeguards. a. avoidance b. transference c. mitigation d. acceptance 7. ____ encryption is symmetric, because a single key is used to encrypt and decrypt information. a. Network b. Public key c. Plain text d. Private key 8. ____ is a method of obtaining personal information under false pretenses. a. Pretraining b. Pretesting c. Pretexting d. Prequalifying 9. Backups are stored for a specific ____ after which they are either destroyed or the backup media is reused. a. incremental period b. retention period c. continuous period d. differential period 10. The term ____ relates to specific hardware and software skills that can be measured and verified by examination. a. certification b. metrics c. credentials d. log...
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Chapter12MC - the effect on other elements. a. What-if b....

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