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Name ____________________________ Date ___________________ Chapter 12 – Short Answer Instructions: Fill in the best answer. 1. ____ maintenance diagnoses and corrects errors in an operational system. 2. A(n) ____ manages computer and network systems. 3. A(n)____ is a formal reference point that measures system characteristics at a specific time. 4. ____ describes the amount of data that the system can transfer in a fixed time period. 5. A(n) ____ is an attack that takes advantage of a system vulnerability. 6. Computer systems should be plugged into a(n) ____ power supply that includes
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Unformatted text preview: battery backup with suitable capacity. 7. A(n) ____ is the main line of defense between a local network, or intranet, and the Internet. 8. ____ includes worms, Trojan horses, keystroke loggers, and spyware. 9. ____ involves restoring the data and restarting the system after an interruption. 10. In a broad sense, ____ include formal degrees, diplomas, or certificates that show that a certain level of education has been achieved successfully....
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