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Final Exam Study Guide Be sure to read and actually comprehend the summaries at the end of each chapter. 1. Chapter 1 a. Organizational behavior (def) b. Systematic approach 2. Chapter 2 a. Personality b. Myers-Briggs c. Type A vs. Type B d. 3. Chapter 3 a. Perception b. Locus of control c. Types of Judgment 4. Chapter 4 a. Values 5. Chapter 5 a. Motivation (def) b. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs c. Alderfer’s ERG Model d. McGregor’s Theory X/Theory Y e. Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory f. McClelland’s Theory of Needs g. Equity Theory h. Expectancy Theory 6. Chapter 6 a. Stress (def) b. Symptoms c. Effects 7. Chapter 7 a. Teams vs. Individuals b. Skills of Effective Teams c. Social loafing (def) d. Team roles e. Synergy 8. Chapter 8 a. Types of teams 9. Chapter 9 a. Leadership (def) b. Trait Theory c. Managerial Grid d. Contingency Model e. Situational Leadership Theory f. Charismatic & Visionary Leadership g. Transactional vs.
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Unformatted text preview: Transformational 10. Chapter 11 a. Communication Process b. Grapevine c. Rumors d. Body Language e. Barriers to Communication 11. Chapter 12 a. Strategies for Handling Conflict b. Conflict Management (def) c. Mediation d. Arbitration 12. Chapter 13 a. Bargaining Strategies 13. Chapter 17 a. TQM b. Re-engineering c. Job Characteristics Model d. Cross-training e. Work Redesign considerations 14. Chapter 19 a. Management by Objectives 15. Chapter 20 a. Driving forces of change 16. Chapter 21 a. Sources of power b. Dependency c. Sexual harassment d. Impression Management 17. Chapter 22 & 23 are short so READ them! 18. CAPS Study 19. Lecture a. Ethical Dilemmas b. Determinants of behavior c. Organizational Commitment d. Outcome-input ratio e. People dimension f. Downward communication g. BATNA...
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