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Persuasive presentation sample - Improving Printing Quotas...

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Improving Printing Quotas Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that changes need to be made to Purdue’s new printing policy. Thesis Statement: Purdue’s new printing policy is problematic, so changes must be implemented to better serve students. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getter : According to an ITaP press release (2005), 41 million pages were printed in Purdue’s ITaP instructional labs. One student alone printed 52,251 pages in fall 2003. ITaP was expected to spend $700,000 on paper and toner during 2004, which is two times what was expended five years ago (Hahn, 2005). Money and waste aren’t the only issues with printing. James Johnson (2005), a senior in the College of Science explained that he “has experienced people printing 200 to 300 pages at a time, and if the PDF files are not properly made, it could be printing as slow as one page every minute.” Additionally, there is a great deal of waste. Some students are printing entire web sites even though they only want a page or two says Steve Tally, ITaP’s senior communications manager (Michalos, 2005). II. Credibility Statement: As a student employee who staffs an ITaP lab, I am knowledgeable about many serious problems associated with excessive printing in computer labs. III. Relevancy Statement: In response to this issue, ITaP is planning to institute a new rule regarding students’ printing quotas. The changes associated with this policy will directly affect your finances and your freedom to print unlimited copies in computer labs as early as this spring. IV. Thesis: Purdue has a new printing policy that is problematic; therefore changes must be implemented to better serve students. Transition: Our understanding of this issue will be greatly enhanced if we first examine some of the essential elements of the new policy, so let’s begin there. BODY I. While Purdue is still revising the final printing quota policy that will be implemented this spring, some of the policies have already been made public. A. According to an article in the October 10, 2005 edition of the Exponent , there will be a dollar amount allocated to students, faculty, and staff. 1.
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Persuasive presentation sample - Improving Printing Quotas...

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