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Quiz%201%20Spring%202011%20Study%20Guide - 7 Describe...

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Study Guide for Quiz 1   1. What is the most common element in definitions of leadership and the  focus of the course? 2. Describe the four indicators of leader effectiveness? 3. Given the two choices of “leader” and “follower” which of these two does  the course emphasize? 4. What is self-efficacy and how does it relate to leadership success? 5. Of the key manager roles described in class which one is most critical? 6. Describe the key factors that contribute to the changing nature of  managerial work. (Pages 62-3 in text)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Describe behaviors that are categorized as “initiating structure.” How are these behaviors different from “applying consideration?” 8. What is the relationship between applying consideration or initiating structure and grievances and turnover? 9. What is the relationship between a leader’s concern for the task, the leader’s concern for relationships and leadership effectiveness? 10. What are examples of guidelines for managing time?...
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