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NUR 108 Effective and Ineffective Communication Techniques EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUE S Examples: 1. Giving information My name is . . . Visiting hours are . . . My purpose in being here is . . . I'm taking you to the . . 2. Giving broad openings Is there something you'd like to talk about? What are you thinking about? Where would you like to begin? 3. Offering general lead Go on. And then? Tell me about it. 4. Using silence Sit quietly. (Listening is a skill of not talking while your client is talking to you) 5. Accepting Yes. Uh hum. I follow what you said. Nodding. 6. Offering presence I'll sit with you awhile. I'll stay here with you. I'm interested in your comfort. 7. Making observations You appear tense. Are you uncomfortable when you . . .? I notice that you're biting your lips. It makes me uncomfortable when you . . 8. Restating Patient: I can't sleep, I stay awake all night. Nurse: You have difficulty sleeping (In
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