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Unformatted text preview: HISTORY OF NURSING - - - FACT SHEET 1809- Sisters of Charity, Mother Elizabeth Bayley Seton, Maryland 1843- Sisters of Mercy, Pittsburgh 1844- Sisters of the Holy Cross, Bertrand, MI 1850’s - Florence Nightingale begins her nursing career, entered training program in Kaiserworth, Germany. 1854 – 1856- Crimea, 1 st nurse researcher 1859- William Rathbone financially supported the first modern home health nurse in England 1860- Founded St. Thomas Hospital SON in London. 1861- Civil War through 1865 – March 1862 – President Lincoln created the U.S. Sanitary Commission and appointed Dorothea L. Dix as superintendent of Women Nurses of the Army. Confederacy – Phoebe Pember – (American) – African American Women who served: Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. 1861- Church in Illinois sent Mary Ann (“Mother”) Bickerdyke to the Western front. 1862- Clara Barton went to Culpeper, Virginia to care for the soldiers. 1864- Development of the International Red Cross 1872- First organized training program for nurses “the students worked from 5:30 am until 9:00 pm and slept in rooms placed near the ward so they could be quickly awakened for emergencies during the night. In return for one year of service, they received 12 lectures, given by several women physicians on medical, surgical, and obstetric nursing … (Kalisch & Kalisch, 1978, p. 87.) 1873- Linda Richards became the first woman to receive a diploma in nursing 1877- Women’s Branch of the New York City Mission sent the first trained nurses into...
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