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CCJ3934SyllabusSpring2012 - CCJ 3934 Ethics In Criminal...

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CCJ 3934 Ethics In Criminal Justice  Spring 2012   AHC 3-205 Wednesday 2pm-440pm Department of Criminal Justice Florida International University Instructor:   Jon Gurney, JD, MA, ESQ E-mail:  [email protected] Office: PCA 364A   Department of Criminal Justice Phone:  305 348-3066 Office Hours:  Tuesday 12pm-5pm Course Description This course is designed to introduce students to ethical decision making in the criminal justice system. We will begin by discussing basic philosophical concepts of ethics and morality in a broad sense and then will specifically analyze ethical dilemmas among members of the criminal justice system (police, courts and corrections). Learning Outcomes After successful completion of this course the student will be able to: - Appreciate the role that ethics plays in everyday life - Apply ethical concepts to the day to day life of the criminal justice practitioner - Appreciate and evaluate ethical decision making opportunities in criminal justice - Educate others as to the ethical implications of their anticipated behavior on the job Required Readings Banks, Cyndi, Criminal Justice Ethics Theory & Practice , 2nd Edition, Sage (2009) Other Readings as Assigned Course Requirements
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Exams: There will be two in class exams in this course. Each exam will consist of 45 questions and will be comprised of multiple choice and true/false questions. Cheating: Students must take each exam individually and are not allowed to collaborate with one another while taking the exam. Taking the exam as a group or sharing answers is strictly prohibited in this course. Cheating on an exam will result in a failing grade for the course. Make up Exams: Will be allowed only under extenuating circumstances and must be arranged in advance of the original exam. A make-up exam in this course will rarely be granted. The student is required to provide acceptable documentation when missing an exam in this course.
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CCJ3934SyllabusSpring2012 - CCJ 3934 Ethics In Criminal...

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