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RVCC SOCIAL CHOICE MATH-MGF 1121 RVCC TESTS The dates are: 1ST EXAM 2ND EXAM 3RD EXAM FINAL EXAM Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Feb. 4 Feb. 25 Mar. 31 Apr. 28 Students in South Florida will take these tests on FIU's University Park campus (room TBA) from 9:30am - 10:45am for the first three tests and (Final exam 9:45am - 11:45am, room TBA), so do not register for any other courses that meet during this time block. Students outside South Florida must find a school, community college, or university in their locale where a proctor can administer the test on the days above (not necessarily at 7:50pm) and fax the completed test to me. This site may help you find a testing center outside South Florida. If you finish the test early, you may turn it in and leave. There is no need to sit around waiting for the class to end. What to bring: The tests must be written using a pencil. Students who will have a proctor fax the tests to me may use pen, but must be very careful not to correct errors by writing one thing over another. Graphing calculators are prohibited on
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