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HOW TO DETERMINE WHICH DESIRABLE PROPERTY OF A VOTING SYSTEM IS NOT SATISFIED IN A PARTICULAR EXAMPLE Is there a vote, then a re-vote? IF YES , then the answer is Monotonicity or IIA If the change in preference involves moving the initial winner higher on a preference list, it is monotonicity. Otherwise, it is IIA. IF NO , then the answer is Majority Criterion, Pareto condition, or CWC. Check them in order of least work involved to most work involved. 1. Majority criterion: Does one candidate have a majority of 1
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Unformatted text preview: st place votes? Did that candidate win? If the answers are yes and no, respectively, then the answer is majority criterion. 2. Pareto condition: Look to see if there is a candidate that is ranked higher than the winner on EVERY preference list. If so, the answer is Pareto condition. 3. Condorcet winner criterion: Check to see if there is a candidate that beats every other candidate in head-to-head matchups. If so, and this candidate did not win the election, the answer is CWC....
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