Sept 19 - Philosophy Soul(Psyche –(Philosophy addresses Soul through Politics Politics Legislates Justice/Judicial – Making things just that

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Gorgias Gorgias + Polus go to meet Athenian – Callicles Gorgias – Elderly, highly esteemed teacher of rhetoric Polus – Student of Gorgias – doesn’t worship Gorgias, but defends Gorgias Oratory Argument – is Oratory a Craft ( techne )? - not a craft o it has no account of its own process o it cannot take into account as to the effect it has on people o Gorgias says – Oratory is the greatest of all crafts as it provides you with freedom (eleutheria) and mastery The Orator may never/not have complete control of the audience, so he must manipulate them Socrates suggests that the mastery is VERY fragile, not long- lasting Socrates suggests that Gorgias can change opinion, but do not get people thinking to how the decsions are made
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Unformatted text preview: ******** Philosophy Soul (Psyche) – (Philosophy addresses Soul through) Politics Politics Legislates- Justice/Judicial – Making things just that were unjust, maintain body Body- Health Health Gymnastic – keep body in good shape Medicine – something unjust will happen to unprepared so take medicine Flattery Soul (Psyche) – Power (mastery) Power Sophistic – convince others that their interests are common with audience Oratory – make orator seem right, even when went wrong Body - Cosmetic Make-up Cook/Pastry – Flatter body’s taste ******** Socrates - job of Oratory is to flatter audience, asses what audience wants and address them...
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