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City in Speech - Politicts + Speech - Athens + o All - What’s special about this one? o A Model o A pattern o Pious discussion o Education Book III - Censor - Lie - Imitate - Moral guidelines of Athenian society are no longer functioning o Socrates - Reconsider the function of the gods? Homer Achilles fears death more than slavery Pericles emphasized the whole of Athens BUT also emphasized the greedy side for Athens Private interests is what dominates Athens - Noble Lie - Myths of Metals o Gold – Guardians – Wisddom - Logos
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Unformatted text preview: o Silver Auxiliaries Courage Thymos o Bronze, Iron craftsmen moderation Eros -Creating a world thats suitable to be dominated o-Justice in the City -Justice in the Individual o Wealth is problem leads to excess o Limit on size of a city Cannot be too large -Even if this perfect just city is created, it will be destroyed -Book V o City of Speech is very important -Socrates is incapable of using speech to train Glaucon and Adeimantis o...
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