October 17 - Plato – concerned with Founding of Regimes...

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Plato: Teller of Tales Aristotle: “Political Scientist” - Socrates 469-399 - Plato 428 – 348 - Aristotle 384 – 322 - Nicomachean Ethics (Plato’s book = sequel to Nichomachean) o “Mean” Biggest concern was everything in moderation People need to be habituated to act in moderation o Habit Practice, perseverance etc o Happiness o Freedom and affection - Aristotle’s Methods o Teleological/telos – that to which everything tends to…. .final place ie telos of a child is a grown man ie Telos of a human being is the polis o Biological o Economic/ Developmental - Aristotle is concerned with the development of human society, until it gets self- sufficient - Causality o Material o Formal o Efficient o Final – the end – for the sake of which something is done - Relation of parts to whole o Household in detail vs City in Speech Household/Village - Plato + Aristotle o Founding + Sustaining Regimes
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Unformatted text preview: Plato – concerned with Founding of Regimes • Start over again Aristotle – more concerned with Sustaining of Regimes •-Standards of Judgment o Psychological (internal) (Plato) o Political Behavior (external) -Founding/self-consciousness o Renewal/Crisis Aristotle does not really believe that a perfect city can/will exist Plato wants to challenge us with the idea of the best city Even though it is difficult, gradual, it is important • Wants to make sure citizens vote – Plato-Aristotle’s Politics o Types of Rule: Political/Free Citizens Kingship/Manager– (Household) Master – Slaves o City – Political Partnership o Polis completes human beings o Justice = ordering of the whole o Look 1 st to parts Slaves: Natural + Conventional...
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October 17 - Plato – concerned with Founding of Regimes...

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