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October 27 - -Gorgias – moral/good speaker will teach...

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What is a citizen? Book III - Citizen is defined as a sharing in decision and office - Regime = governing body - What is polis = distribution of power within the city - What city is not: o Geography does not determine city children are not citizens o Not created for reasons of security/defensive o Not an economic alliance o Polis at its best self rule o City is product of philia (affection) - Rhetoric/speech = way in which we use Rhetoric is to be blamed
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Unformatted text preview: -Gorgias – moral/good speaker will teach people -What is the problem of law? o What impartial governing -What is the problem of Justice? -Monarchy: Pan basilei o Best possible o Ruler is virtuous o Aristocracy o Polity Best order - Hierarchy o Democracy o Oligarchy o Tyranny Two most prevalent are Democracy (rule of Poor) Oligarchy (rule of Rich) o...
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