Nov 7 - Polis/Psyche-Political Thought o Socrates Plato...

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Cicero + Thinking About Roman Politics - Shift to power o Polity to Empire o Paideia to Power and Glory of Rome o Soulcraft to Statecraft o Rome is defined by external successes, defined by it’s feats of engineering, literally defined by walls - Roman Republic o Language – Classical Latin o Culture o Religion o Class o Bureaucracy o Nature in Rome Vs Athens
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Unformatted text preview: Polis/Psyche -Political Thought o Socrates Plato Aristotle Rome/Cicero -Cicero -Praetor – those involved with legislative activities o Council of Rome – 2 elected executives o Jus natural (natural law) Roman empire is a manifestation of natural law o Jus gentium (law of the people)...
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