Nov 22 - o Book 1 Youth Language – Parents o Book 2 – rebellion o Book 3 – manequians – Cicero Law as a career o Book 4 Friendship o Book 5

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Augustine of Hippo 354 – 430 - Decides Roman Rhetoric is inadequate - Evil = privation/absence of good - Its not the words themselves but the end toward to which words are put - Language in Society + Politics o Book I Chapter 8,13,16,18,19 - Augustine – saying things need to be scaled down - Augustine senses that Rome is in trouble - Translation of Roman Values o Augustine Perspectives North African – Not European Decentralized Church o Influences - Book 1-9 Series of Stories abouth his life
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Unformatted text preview: o Book 1 Youth, Language – Parents o Book 2 – rebellion o Book 3 – manequians – Cicero, Law as a career? o Book 4 - Friendship o Book 5 – Frustrations as a teacher o Book 6 – forces of a different kind of political leader o Book 7 – Plato o Book 8 – Why serve the state? o Book 9 – Impassioned encounter between him and Monica o **Book 10 – pLace where he meets with himself- Methodoly that precedes, memory, self o Books 11-13 – Time + scripture...
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