Dec 5 - Kings, Consuls David, Kings Christian Magistrates,...

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Augustine; Caritus, res publica + common good of the Political Community - Need strong sense of self to choose Caritas over Roman cupiditas + superbia (pride) - Choice of sociable private o Emphasasi of Rome asre Private virtues - Pride, praise, + memory o Confession Book X ch 3, 8, 16,17,33,36,37 - How to gain independence o Serving Roman State o Ambrose o Looks within to find sociable o Love of Neighbor - Therapy of Self Examination besomces Political Theory - Book X, IX, 24 City of God (On Sakai) Rome Israel/Old Testament Christianity Founder |Romulus, Numa Abraham, Moses Christ Teacher/ Roman Heroes + Prophets Augustian Clergy Renew Heroic Ideal Sustainer
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Unformatted text preview: Kings, Consuls David, Kings Christian Magistrates, Emperors Emporers Augustine The Founding of Rome is a violent one, it is a fratricidal one The followers of Romulus agree to follow him even after he kills his brothers thereforure the founders of Rome are supporters of patricide -What a foundation to turn to in a time of crisis!! -Violent Past = Rome wins MOST of the time Aristotle more concerned with preservation of regimes, than the founding of regimes For Plato and Augustine look to an understand what it it is you share with other people job of the political teach er...
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