Task Sheet for Simulation 1

Task Sheet for Simulation 1 - them to experience the...

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\ Task Sheet for Simulation 1 1/25/2012 This simulation is about to reach agreement over the rental price between Brazil  company and Chinese warehouse release party. The landlord in China was the  warehouse owner, and the renter from Brazil wants to set up in China by renting this  warehouse. Each party has their own BATNA price. As students, we should learn about  that with better understanding of the culture differences may be very helpful and  beneficial in doing international businesses.  Here is the table to compare the strengths and weaknesses between two parties: Parties Strengths Weaknesses Landlord--China Be punctual, very  proactive listeners Cooperative and  consistent Trying to introduce  the culture and let 
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Unformatted text preview: them to experience the culture. • Maybe too serious • Not quite sociable Renter---Brazil • Very open • Tactful in getting business done quickly • Adaptable quickly into the local culture • A little bit rush and push • Too casual • Not punctual From the above observations, I came up with the follow learning points: • We should have the ability to make friends quickly within different cultures so that we can build up trust for developing long-term relationship. • Be creative when negotiating an agreement, and always find other alternatives before negotiation. • Do researches over the other parties we negotiate with would be very helpful....
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Task Sheet for Simulation 1 - them to experience the...

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