ACC 241 Lecture 2

ACC 241 Lecture 2 - constitution Religion requires you to...

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ACC 241 Lecture 2 Chapter 1 Legal heritage and the information age 4th amendment: search warranty. Law is the substance of what we do. Enforce constitutional rights so our church could b e restored. Slides: what's law? The definition of law: the controlling authority. The executive, the u.s. president enforce the law, and the lenitive branch makes the law , the judges court interprets the law. Function of law: keeping the peace, shaping moral standards, promoting social justice, maintaining the status quo, facilitating orderly change, facilitating planning, providing a basis for compromise, maximizing individual freedom . The freedom of speech, religion, and association granted by the First Amendment to the u.s.
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Unformatted text preview: constitution. Religion requires you to sacrifice animals for religion. The government cares about the general feeling and animal protection. It is not allowed, it comes to government attention, and then the government can regulate the law. Quality of law: • Fairness: the American legal system is one of the most comprehensive, fair, and democratic systems of law ever developed and enforced. • Flexibility. The supreme court does not read every case or every law, they wait until a case comes before they rule. Checks and balances....
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ACC 241 Lecture 2 - constitution Religion requires you to...

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