ACC 241 Lecture 3

ACC 241 Lecture 3 - U.S Supreme Court-Hears appeals from...

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ACC 241 Lecture 3 State court system: general0jurishdiction trial court is a district court. Limited-jurisdiction trial courts-- hear matters of specialized or limited nature. Justice-of-the-peace court: more local judges dealing with local crimes. General-jurisdiction trial courts--hear cases of a general nature that are not within the jurisdiction of limited-jurisdiction courts. ---record and store testimony and evidence. Electronic records being captured. Most cases are not appealed. Observe over time, it takes long time to martial the evidences and write the appeal. It also takes a long time for judge to read the briefs. U.S. Courts of Appeals: 3-judge panel or en banc Review the record of lower courts or administrative agency proceedings
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Unformatted text preview: U.S. Supreme Court:--Hears appeals from: federal circuits. Plurality decision: judge agreed on the results but not the reasons or the way to get to that result. Petition for Certioriai: a petition asking the Supreme court to hear case. Writ of Certioriai, the supreme court to review the case. The general trend is to let more people to use this kind of tool. Unauthorized the research, you are supposed not to do your own research. Are there any limits on Judicial rights? The grand Jury is presented by anonymous in a criminal cases. 6 amendment: to be confronted with the witness against him. 8 amendment: death penalty. The States begin to formulated the new laws....
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ACC 241 Lecture 3 - U.S Supreme Court-Hears appeals from...

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