ACC 241 Lecture 6

ACC 241 Lecture 6 - Guilty-mentally ill If a person goes to be guilty plead then goes to sentencing If not guilty then goes to trial Bench trial

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ACC 241 Lecture 6 Purpose of Criminal laws, and the U.S. criminal law system is the best one if there is. Person charged is presumed innocent until proven guilty The burden of proof is on the government. Crime: violate the rights of society, because of that the governmental The police department has a lot of resources. Statutes. Fines: Concurrent, consecutive Victim concerns Malum prohibition Felonies, Misdemeanor, Infractions, Crime occurs--officer
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Unformatted text preview: Guilty--mentally ill If a person goes to be guilty plead, then goes to sentencing. If not guilty, then goes to trial. Bench trial means there is no jury, means the Judge hears the facts and apply the laws to the facts. Jury trial has the jury, and they decide if innocent or guilty. First time going to the court, waiver hearing. If the defendant bound over, it is determination determined Δ: defendant π: plaintiff...
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