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ACC lecute 7 - Corporate criminal liability Anything you...

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50 questions next week. Allow for one hour and a half. Apply the law in practice. This is exceptions and there is interpretation. Criminal Intent: you didn't do the crime because I didn't have the intent to do so. How do we infer the intent? e.g. people drove off by forgetting to pay gas bills to the gas station. For most crimes, it requires the criminal act and criminal intent. Actus resus (guilty act) thinking of something, but no actions were taken. NBVCQ Pretrial procedure: Arrest: police must obtain arrest warrant based on showing probable cause. Must show substantial likelihood that they committed crime. Magistrate: Determines whether there is enough evidence Lesser crimes issues an information. Arraignment: Accused informed of all charges Enter a plea Plea bargaining: You can't be guilty of thought a crime. If you enter into an agreement to overact
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Unformatted text preview: Corporate criminal liability: Anything you say and the government try to get to question you, they have to give you the Miranda rights before they interrogate you. They have to use the information you provided by preceding the miranda rights. Sixth Amendment: We will not do the same torture as others back to the person. That's the eighth amendment. The death sentence. Crime tort iop There are different types of torts, and there are intentional torts. There are negligence tort, and the strict liability tort. Intentional torts: the person intent to do. Negligence tort: don't intent but violate the Elements: duty, breach of beauty, causation(you breach of beauty caused it happen): actual cause("butt fur"/substantial factor) Substantial factor: what you did in substantial factor cause injury or damage. Proximate or legal proximate...
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ACC lecute 7 - Corporate criminal liability Anything you...

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