ACC241 Lecture 1

ACC241 Lecture 1 - Judicial decisions courts decide controversies Executive orders issued by president and state governor Regulations and orders of

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ACC241 Lecture 1 Schools of jurisprudential thought Natural law school The law is not completely logical The law comes from the England. English Common Law: English system of law general adopted from England. Became the foundation from which American, developed by judges. Principles announced those cases became precedents. We have law courts, which can be legal and equitable courts. Sources of law in the U.S. Codified law: statutes and ordinances.
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Unformatted text preview: Judicial decisions: courts decide controversies. Executive orders: issued by president and state governor Regulations and orders of Administrative agencies: FAA are conglomerating all powers in the agency-problem. Priority of law--U.S. Constitution Quiz this Thursday :Two questions, women and men and the equality, the quiz next week. Women shouldn't work more than 10 hours a week. Is that right or is that fair. Should woman be drafted?...
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