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env sci - this law works so a tax was created on hazardous...

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1st wave: ENvironmental Policy -Management of public lands -1780s to late 1800s -promoted settlement -extraction -increased prosperity -relieved crowding -displaced millionms of native americans believed land was infinite 2nd Wave: Environmental Policy -Addressed impacts caused by 1st Wave -Mitigatedd env. probs. associated with westward expansion -Public perception 3rd wave: Env Pol -Mid to late 20th century better off economically but dirtier air, water, and more waste and toxiv chemicals -Increased public awareness of env probs shifted Rachel Carson is credited for 3rd wave wrote silent spring NEPA-national envir policy act RCRA if a hazardous material, paperwork must be with it from the time it is created to destroyed NIMBY we got an env. issue so we put it somewhere else, like china instead of USA
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CERCLA love canal, up state NY, hazardous waste burried there, started to leak out,. .
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Unformatted text preview: this law works so a tax was created on hazardous wastes. if place considered hazrdous site, govt could use money from taxes to clean up site . today we havemoney in the superfund sites Xanadu Clean air act- 1st env law passed in 1960 NEPA- nixon set up clean water act- 1977, congress said our waters should be fishable and swimable by 1983 Superfund law- 1980 montreal protocol- scientists showed compounds cfc's when get up in ozone layer they react with it and the ozone gets changed to another molecule---- poster chikd for internation coroporation kyoto protocol- tried to voluntarily limit carbon dioxide production, but USA never agreed, so it never took off Transboundary- goes across state boundaries, READ ABOUT THIS IN BOOK Cap and Trade-...
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  • Hazardous waste, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Superfund, Wave -Mitigatedd env., prosperity -relieved crowding

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env sci - this law works so a tax was created on hazardous...

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