AP 11 - AP 11/10 2) Do not wear president down - Give your...

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AP 11/10 2) Do not wear president down - Give your advice, give it well, then don’t do it again. - If you lkeep pounding away and persisiting, you will wear him down - -don’t keep peppering him to force him 3) stick to the facts - don’t talk about the merits of president, don’t try to criticize him 4) understand role of 5) avoid line of autthority ???? 6) vp should have complementary experience and ability - his background should complement president -bring things that the president doesn’t - Ex) Carter and Mundell Cheney 1 - most powerful VP ever 2 - perfect complement to Bush, he had experience and risen through Republican ranks and became #2 in party, sec. of defense during first bush administration, served during Ford administration as chief of staff, gate keeper to oval office 3 - key role in appointment process, started making decisions on who’d fill cabinet positions, -Don Rumsfel and Paul O’Neil were Cheney choices ( he made sure everyone chosen were as conservative as he was), he played key role in determining character of cabinet members 4 – he casted more votes to break ties than any other VP Personal Qualities - Very attractive, very bright - Left Yale 2 times, and got PhD. In Poly. Sci. - Loyalty to Bush and Rep. Party - Thoughtful and Imaginative - In private conversation, he doesn’t take himself very serious and cracks jokes and it puts people at ease. - Sold himself to Bush to get VP position - Not ambitious for himself once he was VP - He knew he wouldn’t run as President and knew his health would stand in his way - Absence of ambitious helps President, because he focuses on president more than himself
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AP 11 - AP 11/10 2) Do not wear president down - Give your...

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