Test 1 Review (2007 Questions)

Test 1 Review (2007 Questions) - ME 221 APPLIED...

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ME 221 APPLIED THERMODYNAMICS EXAM 1 25 September 2007 ____________________________________ NAME You may use the textbook, handouts, homework solutions, and your own notes. Please explain your solutions sufficiently for full credit. Q1= 30%; Q2 = 30%, Q3 = 20%, Q4 = 20%. 1. A Diesel engine has 6 cylinders with each cylinder having a bore of 10 cm, a stroke of 15 cm, a compression ratio of 18, a cutoff ratio of 2, and a mean effective pressure of 1500 kPa. When the engine runs at 2500 rpm (revolutions per minute), calculate the net engine power and the rate of heat addition in kW by assuming cold-air-standard assumptions and knowing that each cycle takes two revolutions. Also, what would be the compression ratio of an Otto cycle that has the same thermal efficiency as this Diesel cycle?
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2. A Brayton cycle with a pressure ratio of 12 and minimum and maximum temperatures of 300 K and 1400 K, respectively, is to be analyzed using the cold-air-standard assumptions. When a regenerator with 100% effectiveness is added to the cycle, calculate
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Test 1 Review (2007 Questions) - ME 221 APPLIED...

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