I. A. Introduction Lecture

I. A. Introduction Lecture - ME 333 - Internal Combustion...

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ME 333 - Internal Combustion Engines Course Structure – Spring 2010 Instructor: Professor Jim Drallmeier 127 Toomey Hall [email protected] 341-4710 Office Hours: At any time by appointment (i.e. to ensure I am there) Schedule: Lecture 10:00 – 10:50 MWF Grading: 4 exams 20% each (Fourth exam during finals week) Note: Material in this course is naturally comprehensive. Retention of the material covered will be expected. For example, material and methodologies covered for the first exam may show up on the last exam as a part of a more comprehensive problem. Homework, Labs 20% total Approximately 8 homework assignments will be given. Homework scores for each of the assignments will be determined based on collection and grading in detail of one problem (10 points) and review of all other problems (2 points each). All solutions will be placed in the library on electronic reserve ( http://web.mst.edu/~lib- circ/ ). We will be running two to three labs this semester. I will provide you with more details on the lab procedures and reports later. In the reports, I look for two key items. First is the appropriate calculation and plotting of the results (i.e. quantitative information). The second is the appropriate interpretation of the results and conclusions drawn in light of what we have discussed in class. I have no problem with students working together, but each must have distinct, separate write-ups, particularly on the interpretation of results and conclusions. Each report must clearly show independent work. I must be able to assess whether each individual student (not a group) understood and interpreted correctly the results of the experiment. Final grades are determined based on the cumulative scores at the end of the semester.
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I. A. Introduction Lecture - ME 333 - Internal Combustion...

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