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MT 1 Practice 09 _fr 07_

MT 1 Practice 09 _fr 07_ - NPB 101 Midterm 1(S 2007...

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NPB 101 Midterm 1 (S 2007) Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Pick the TRUE statement about homeostasis: a. A goal of homeostasis is to counter changes in the set point b. Every component in blood is homeostatically regulated c. Homeostatic loops are reflexes d. Positive feedback is a major feature of homeostasis ____ 2. A toxin inhibits electrical impulses from traveling from one smooth muscle cell to another smooth muscle cell. What would this toxin target? a. The neuromuscular junction d. Dense bodies b. Gap junctions e. V-gated Na+ channels c. Tight junctions ____ 3. In a cell at rest, Na + enters a cell through... ____ 4. For a resting cell... a. P Na + is significantly higher than P K + b. Inactivation gates block Na + channels c. The system is at equilibrium d. E m = 0 mV e. E m can be calculated best with the Goldman Hodgkin Katz equation ____ 5. The upswing of an action potential is associated with... ____
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