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MCB138 Winter 2012 Study Sheet for Paper 2. 1. Identify the problem. What is the major question the work presented in the paper is trying to answer? Try to write it in 1-2 sentences (an elevator explanation). 2. This paper has defined section headings. A. How do the RESULTS and the EXPERIMENTAL METHODS differ? B. How do the RESULTS and DISCUSSION differ in what they are supposed to contain?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Why do the investigators think that p53 will bind non-specifically to DNA? 4. Why do the investigators think that it is possible that p53 will bind to specific DNA sequences? 5. Technique questions: What is subtractive hybridization? What is cDNA? What is luciferase and how is it use here? What is dexamethasone and how is it used here?...
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