Pysch 1 - 1 Sasha is mildly mentally retarded She has...

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1. Sasha is mildly mentally retarded. She has achieved the equivalent of a fifth-grade education and will soon begin vocational training so that she can earn a living. Sasha's intelligence score is most likely between: A) 5 and 20. B) 20 and 35. C) 35 and 50. D) 50 and 70. E) 75 and 90. 2. Your psychology professor has announced that the next test will assess your understanding of sensation and perception. When you receive the test, however, you find that very few questions actually relate to these topics. In this instance, you would be most concerned about the ________ of the test. A) reliability B) factor analysis C) standardization D) validity E) normal distribution 3. Grouping children in separate educational classes according to their level of intellectual aptitude tends to ________ their self-esteem and ________ their academic achievement. A) increase; increase B) increase; decrease C) decrease; decrease D) decrease; have little effect on E) increase; have little effect on 4. Melinda completed the Computer Programming Aptitude Test when she applied for a position with Beta Electronics. Six months later, she took the same test when she applied for a position with another company. The fact that her scores were almost identical on the two occasions suggests that the test has a high degree of: A) content validity. B) reliability. C) predictive validity. D) standardization. Page 1
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5. Tests designed to predict ability to learn new skills are called ________ tests. A) achievement B) interest C) reliability D) standardized E) aptitude 6. Boys outnumber girls at the ________ levels of reading ability and at the ________ levels of mathematical problem-solving ability. A) high; low
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Pysch 1 - 1 Sasha is mildly mentally retarded She has...

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