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Koofer (15) - 1 The inability to recall which numbers on a...

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1. The inability to recall which numbers on a telephone dial are not accompanied by letters is most likely due to: A) encoding failure. B) retrieval failure. C) the spacing effect. D) retroactive interference. E) proactive interference. 2. Words, events, places, and emotions that trigger our memory of the past are called: A) retrieval cues. B) déjà vu. C) iconic traces. D) context effects. E) schemas. 3. The process of encoding refers to: A) the persistence of learning over time. B) the recall of information previously learned. C) getting information into memory. D) the motivated forgetting of painful memories. E) a clear memory of an emotionally significant event. 4. As an aid to memorizing lengthy speeches, ancient Greek orators would visualize themselves moving through familiar locations. They were making use of: A) the serial position effect. B) the next-in-line effect. C) implicit memory. D) the method of loci. E) the spacing effect. 5. After learning the combination for his new locker at school, Milton is unable to remember the combination for his year-old bicycle lock. Milton is experiencing the effects of: A) encoding failure. B) source amnesia. C) retroactive interference. D) proactive interference. E) automatic processing. Page 1
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6. Many of the experimental participants who were asked how fast two cars in a filmed traffic accident were going when they smashed into each other subsequently recalled seeing broken glass at the scene of the accident. This experiment best illustrated: A) proactive interference. B) the self-reference effect.
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Koofer (15) - 1 The inability to recall which numbers on a...

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