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Koofer (7) - Practice Questions _ 1. Which of the following...

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1 Practice Questions ____ 1. Which of the following techniques measures electrical activity in the brain using electrodes on the scalp? a. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) b. Electroencephalogram (EEG) c. Computed Tomography (CT) d. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) ____ 2. Which of the following lobes of the cortex is devoted to vision? a. Frontal b. Parietal c. Occipital d. Temporal ____ 3. Dr. Richards thinks that psychologists should map out individual elements of conscious experience, while Dr. Grey thinks that it is important to focus on how behaviors promote adaptive survival. Dr. Richards is likely a _____________, while Dr. Grey is likely a ________________. a. structuralist; Gestalt psychologist b. behaviorist; cognitive psychologist c. structuralist; functionalist d. functionalist; behaviorist ____ 4. __________________ are photoreceptors which are specialized for color vision and fine detail. They are most concentrated in the ____________ of the retina. a. Rods; fovea c. Rods; periphery b. Cones; fovea d. Cones; periphery ____ 5. Which of the following structures in the brain is part of the hindbrain (brainstem)? a. Hippocampus b. Amygdala c. Pons d. Superior Colliculus ____ 6. Sound waves are transduced into a neural impulse in the ______________, where thousands of ______________ are located. a. ossicles; bones c. ear canal; pores b. tympanic membrane; rods d. cochlea; hair cells ____ 7. Looking out the window of a fast moving car illustrates the phenomenon of ________________, in which closer objects pass quickly while further objects remain stable. a. stroboscopic movement c. perceptual constancy b. motion parallax d. binocular disparity
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2 ____ 8. Early psychological researchers used a technique in which trained observers were exposed to different stimuli and reported on the contents of their thoughts. What is the name of this technique? a.
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Koofer (7) - Practice Questions _ 1. Which of the following...

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