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NOTE: Some of the bolded answers may be incorrect, but I am pretty sure nearly all are correct But these questions were from Hambrick’s FALL 2011 Exam TEST 1 Which of the following is the component of the limbic system that plays an essential role in acquiring new memories? A) hypothalamus B) thalamus C) medulla D) hippocampus William James founded this movement in psychology: A) psychoanalysis B) behaviorism C) structuralism D) functionalism Psychology is best defined as the science of A) conscious and unconscious mental activity. B) observable responses to the environment. C) behavior and mental processes. D) maladaptive and adaptive behaviors. Which perspective studies the contributions of our genes and our environment to our individual differences? A) cognitive B) behavior genetics C) social-cultural D) psychodynamic Dr. Santaniello conducts research on how children's moral thinking changes as they grow older. It is most likely that Dr. Santaniello is a(n) ________ psychologist. A) developmental B) social C) clinical D) industrial/organizational The surgical removal of a large tumor from Dane's occipital lobe resulted in extensive loss of brain tissue. Dane is most likely to suffer some loss of A) muscular coordination. B) visual perception. C) speaking ability. D) pain sensations. Normal visual sensation in the absence of complete visual perception A) prosopagnosia. B) blindness caused by a detached retina. is best illustrated by
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